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"The world of accounting and tax services at the tip of your fingers"
Certified accountant Mr. Mohammad Hassan Mohammad

About Us

  1. perience.More than 15 years of ex

  2. Our teams consist of highly qualified individuals dedicated to satisfy customer and to achieve maximum benefit.

  3. Customer focus is our core value, so we update work systems and procedures in the different parts of the organization:

  • oviding integrated, advanced and fast accounting services.Pr

  • An advanced work system according to professional and ethical standards.

  • Developing the institutional work of companies.

  • Companies keep abreast of technological developments.

  • Submit the tax declaration in a correct and timely manner.

Our Advantages

 التكلفة المناسبة للخدمات المحاسبية.

منظومة عمل متطورة وفقآ للمعايير المهنية والاخلاقية.
رؤية المكتب : ان يكون مكتبنا من المكاتب الرائدة فى مجال المحاسبة والمراجعة والضرائب والأستشارات القانونية.

العمل بروح الفريق وذالك يؤدى الى وجود مناخ عمل مبنى على التفاعل الاجتماعى بين جميع العاملين و الاحترام المتبادل بين المستويات الأدارية.

Our Advantages

Teamwork, which leads to a work environment based on social interaction among all employees and mutual respect between administrative levels.

An advanced work system according to professional and ethical standards.

Office Vision

To be one of the leading offices in the areas of tax consultation, accounting and legal advice.

Affordable accounting services

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